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3 reasons why you should meditate

Ever wonder why people meditate, and why it’s not silly?  This post might surprise you.

There has been a lot of new research that shows benefits of meditation on both the mind and body.  It’s an ancient practice that works on transforming the mind.  It helps you relax and gain focus and concentration.  The body and mind are combined to reach a state of complete relaxation.  You need not be religious to meditate.

One of the most important reasons is that the Mayo clinic studies indicate that meditation is capable of slowing down certain disease processes and even helping to prevent them from starting.  People with nervous disorders benefit the most from meditation, especially epilepsy because it improves brain wave stability. Even heart disease can be reduced because meditation helps increase blood flow to arteries and vessels. The recommended minimum time is 30 mins per day.

A cancer patient with a tumor the size of a small apple was able to reduce the size of the tumor to that of a walnut…without medication in a time period of only 3 months.  It must be noted that this patient practiced about 3 hours a day consistently.  This doesn’t mean that you have to practice that long!  Most of us are too busy for that.

Another main reason why people meditate is to enter the body and mind into a deep state of relaxation.  The idea is that the mind and body work together to increase mental energy.  Meditation relieves excessive tension in the muscles and helps improve sleep.

Buddhists believe that you can work with your emotions and completely transform your mind.  Studies show that people with mental illnesses can gain even greater benefits with regular practice.  For more great information see podcast.bsw.org.  Another great source of information is called Audiodharm.com.  I have been listening to audio dharma podcasts for a long time, it’s how I relax before bedtime.

So relaxing the body and sharpening the mind can go a long way to improve the quality of life and reduce stress and fend off chronic illnesses.



What you should know about your drinking Water

Ever have those arguments with your friends or coworkers?  What is best… tap water or bottled water?  New studies say that water should be tested periodically.

Tap water is generally safe unless it is contaminated.  The pouring of toxic waste material in rivers and lakes is something that still needs more research. Plus some water pipes are old and a build-up of minerals in old pipes can cause bacteria growth.

High calcium levels in tap water are not harmful but instead add calcium to the diet. Heavey metals can be filtered out with carbon filters attached to faucets. Some of the new water systems like Nikken’s waterfall balances out these minerals.

Dehydration causes a lot of health issues, ranging from chronic digestive problems to Alzheimers’s disease.  Dr. Batmanghelidj says that the body’s cells lose water, and even brain function can deteriorate.  Increasing water intake can help prevent health problems from developing.  www.watercure.com gives more insight into the importance of drinking water.

Bottled water contains ozone, or “super oxygen, “that kills bacteria.  Water softeners are added to improve taste. An old fashioned way of getting rid of the taste of chlorine is to put water in a jug and leave it standing for a few hours.

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3 reasons why running can add years to your life

It’s the season again, to start a fitness program.  Consider running after you have been walking first.

Running strengthens your heart muscle and tones the lower body.  This will make your everyday activities easier.  You can walk up those stairs without feeling out of breath. Your lung capacity will increase allowing more oxygen to circulate through the body.

New studies have confirmed that running may help bone health.  We lose minerals in the bones during the aging process.  Yes, you might have stronger bones.

If you are concerned about weight management then running can help.  It will also help control your blood pressure…and your blood sugar.  Scientists say that high impact activites, like running, lowers insulin production.  Yes, if you are a diabetic you can still run safely.  Make sure you tell your doctor what you are doing.

I have spent most of my life running, but if I have a long lay -off period I start by walking and running.  The Gallaway approach is safe, I use it and it works quickly to increase your fitness level. Watch the pounds melt away.

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My Blogs

Welcome to my Blogs, yes I have two going.  Health and Fitness are my passion alongside writing.  Guys, there is some information that you might find useful.  My blogs are based on research and true stories, as well as other important health information.  I am a woman over 50 with a background in health and fitness and I am presently active in running, weight training, swimming, and tennis.  I will share occasional book reviews with you.

I study yoga and alternative health.  I will share various articles on those subjects.  I try to post the most current information to date. If you have any ideas about what you’d like to know more about please contact me at inspiration.copywrite@gmail My blog.  I do lots of research, I was a University student for some time–my research skills aren’t limited to google.

I am also a start-up business writer and I have one other blog called writing tips for beginners. I am still learning how to use word press, so please be patient if you have left a comment.  I really want to read your comments in a timely manner.  I share on facebook and twitter too.

I also would like to guest post, if you need content I may be able to help you.  My time may be limited at times, but I will see what I can do.  Blogging is still new for me…in fact, it’s new to everyone I guess.

My writing tips for beginners blog actually started on my main website on weebly.com   I am in the process of transferring the posts to this site.  They can be seen at inspirationcopywrite.com.  My writing tips will come from the things I have learned in my creative writing classes as well as the books and sites that I read.

In the meantime please enjoy my posts, I still haven’t figured out how long a blog post is supposed to be.  I would love to know what you think.  Thanks for reading.