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Are you drinking enough Water?

If you have health problems, please read this post.  There are some myths about water and how much you should drink.  New Science has revealed some truths about water.

Did you know?

New science has discovered that many of the chronic related illnesses may be improved or even eliminated by drinking more water.  Water is now considered a source of energy for the body, but this has been overlooked in the past.

Dehydration shows up long before we are thirsty, especially as we get older.  Dr. Batmanghelidj author of Your bodies many cries for Water, says that your body’s thirst mechanism tends to malfunction after the age of 20.  The result is that you can be chronically dehydrated.  The bottom line is that the body’s system and organs become chronically dehydrated and can’t function properly. Medical research also shows that “dry mouth” is not a reliable indicator of the bodies need for more water. More information is available at

Is eight 8 ounces of water enough?

This is a common myth.  Roberta H. Anding of Louisiana State University works with professional athletes.  She explains that for some the commonly recommended myth is too much for some, and not enough for others.  How much water your body requires depends on your body composition, your health, and your activity level.  If the weather is very hot or very cold the body becomes more prone to dehydration.

Scale weight before and after activity in hot weather are the best indicators that you are dehydrated.  If you lose more than two or three pounds on the scale then you are dehydrated.  If you are exercicing for more than an hour in the heat you should be drinking a sports drink to replace electrolytes and sodium.  Orange and tomato juice are good are good replacements.

Did you know that flying in an airplane depletes the body’s water reserve?  The reason is pressurized cabins. This might be one reason you get so tired after long flights.  If you fly often you need to drink more water.

Why do we need so much water?

  • The human body is 75% water and the brain is 85% water.
  • Water serves as a transport vehicle for cellular functions.
  • Water is a holding media for getting rid of heat.
  • Water lubricates joints and helps reduce pain.
  • If you take pain medication, your thirst mechanism is compromised.
  • Dr. Batamghelidj says that increasing our water intake is one of the best ways to prevent many chronic conditions, especially digestive problems.
  • Chronic dehydration reduces blood volume and can contribute to high blood pressure.


Make sure the quality of the water you drink is Good

Your water should be free of toxic chemicals and bacteria contamination.  The pouring of toxic wastes into rivers and lakes makes it difficult for governments to guarantee water quality.  Aging water pipes should be monitored regularly to ensure that traces of lead are not in the drinking water.

Most tap water is safe. If you are like me, and you don’t’ like the taste… or you worry about the effects of chlorine and fluoride you can let the water stand for a few hours.  If you can afford filtered water there are advanced water systems on the market.  I like Nikken’s Pi Mag water system.  It has balanced nutrients and is PH balanced.  Check out for more information.

Many factors affect fluid balance in the body, but we can prevent dehydration by the intake of additional water, and foods high in water.



Yoga can transform your Life

This is a must read if you are new to exercise.  What exactly is yoga and what are the benefits?

I’m sure you’ve heard how popular yoga is.  The good news is that you don’t even have to go to a class to get benefits from practicing yoga.  If you’re like me, you have to consider the cost of all your activities, you can consider a home practice.  I guess some people need a group to motivate them, but all you really need is a mat and a little space.  Of course, you can have some stretch bands and a block if you want. After years of practice, I have created my own home practice.  There are some great videos and music out there.  You can even do online classes now.

You don’t need a hot room to practice yoga, but the room should be comfortably warm.

What is the point of yoga?

Yoga means ‘union’ or joining, mainly referring to the body and the mind…and or spirit.  Some people have termed yoga as moving meditation because it’s slow and controlled stretching that focuses on specific muscle groups and helps the mind relax.  The most common type of yoga is Hatha Yoga. It’s based on traditional yoga.  Beware that many yoga classes now include fusion moves and they may be unsafe if you have specific problems with knees or back.  Always check out the credentials of the instructors before you plan on taking their classes.  The best Yoga book out there is called Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit by Donna Farhi.  I believe they use this book for their instructor programs.

The Awesome benefits of yoga

Yoga is a science that incorporates a broad range of moves called Asanas.

Yoga practice improves balance, flexibility, strength, and spine alignment.  Yes, it’s great for the core. It’s meant to engage the whole body.  Even those confined to a chair can do yoga and prevent that stiff achy feeling we all get sometimes.  If you sit all day, yoga is a natural and safe way to limber up the spine and hip area.  Hey, it works for me!  When I don’t practice yoga for a while I start to stiffen up again, and that lower back pain comes right back. There must be a reason for it being practiced for thousands of years.

If you play sports like tennis, or you run, yoga is a wonderful companion activity to give your muscle groups a break from overuse. Many professional athletes have added yoga to their routines to help reduce their chance of injury.  It’s even being used to heal some types of injuries. Most chiropractors feel that yoga is safe but check with yours to make sure.

If you are brand new to yoga practice check out  This is a free site and it explains the best 10 yoga postures for beginning practitioners. Another useful site is Healthway. The site explains the different types of yoga and their purposes.

Practice safe and take it slow and you will reap the benefits.