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How to deal with Autumn’s Changes?

Some people love fall, and some people hate it.  Your body goes through changes during this time of year.  Find out how you can cope better.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.  For some parts of the country, fall has come early this year.  Our energy levels deteriorate and we want to sleep more or curl up with that good book you just bought.  It’s not all in your head.  There are changes in the body’s natural rhythm.  How can you deal with it?


As summer fades away sunlight becomes less available.  That means that vitamin D is less available.  You could take a vitamin D supplement.  Experts suggest we find an hour a day for sunlight, preferably in the morning.  The other option is to buy a Sunlight.  They can be found in medical supply stores and drug stores.  They are a great option for shift workers or those who can’t go outside.


Even if you don’t feel like it, your energy will increase… eventually.  I say that because at first, those who haven’t exercised in a while will feel tired for the first while, it’s normal. Exercise outside if you can.  It makes a difference.


There are differing opinions on this one. Personally, I need more sleep in the fall.  One reason is that often I am starting something new, and I feel more tired than usual. Sometime in November, I get used to the changes.  Sleep specialists from the University of Minnesota have found that people sleep more in the month of October than any other month.

Others think that sticking to your normal routine is best.


Eating fruits and vegetables more and lean protein.  Avoid too many carbohydrates, they add to the sleepiness you may be feeling.  Drinking lots of water is important to keep from being dehydrated.  This is a good time of year to eat lots of fruit and veggies that contain water, such as grapes.

* Supplements of vitamins D and zinc may help keep you from getting colds and flu.

These tips may help you get through that awful time of the year.