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How you can keep weight off during the winter

We all gain some weight over the winter. Some important things to remember– Goal setting is the answer, and habit changing is the answer.

Hello readers

I just thought that this was a good time to share some important tips…now that winter is here early this year. Now, is the time to plan. Keep moving, even if you don’t feel like it.  If you don’t like being outside in the cold, you can try some indoor activities…or tackle those house chores that you put off in the summer.  Try doing some yoga to maintain your strength. Increasing muscle mass will help fend off extra pounds.  It’s the habit that counts, and planning ahead helps.

Bye the way, I found a great podcast for you ladies(and gents).  It’s called the 40 plus Fitness podcast.  The site is  The host interviews some great guest speakers, and they are all experts. It’s a radio station on Tune In.

As we age there is a decline in something called Human Growth Hormone.  This causes symptoms of aging.  Guess what?  Exercise helps increase this hormone.  New science claims that instead of long slow runs on the treadmill, it might be better to increase your intensity then rest, then increase the intensity again.  It’s called interval training.  It has a longer lasting calorie burn then a longer, slower workout.  Doing this on the treadmill is easy…or the stair climber.

Prevention magazine recommends increasing your daylight exposure so that you feel less tired.  See  for more articles.  It’s one reason we feel sluggish and tend to sit around more.  Get out of your comfort zone a little. It helps if you take up a winter sport.  The old saying goes; “If you can’t beat it, join it.”

More recent information says that your habits determine your success.  You may have heard this before.  Set goals around a special spring or summer event that you want to take part in.  This will add inspiration to your everyday activities and boost your motivation. Steven Covey has a great book about habits and success.

Another great site is called Health Habits for Holidays.  The author of this site is a lifestyle coach at  I believe they have a facebook group as well.

So, set those goals for the spring now!  Let me know if you have any thoughts on this in the comments section.

“Changing Habits is the key to success.” Stephen Covey

Happy Holidays Everyone!