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Cross fit or cross Train?

This post describes the difference between these two commonly used training methods.

Cross Training

Has been around for many years.  Triathalon training is a great example of cross training, but cross training can involve many activities.  Endurance training using different sports is still a popular choice because it is safer than doing just one activity all the time.  You aren’t using the same muscle groups every day.  Endurance fit is the healthiest.  Yes, you should add weight training because it prevents age-related muscle loss.  You need to protect your bones too!

What is cross fit?

This is a sport too, only its a group training effort. It’s not sports- specific.  Father of cross fit Greg Glassman says, cross fit prepares people for the “unknown.”  He devised a system of functional movements that utilize all the components of fitness: endurance, strength, flexibility etc.  Usually, you are guided through a program by a trained coach… so you don’t push yourself too far at first.

The types of exercises range from bench press, squats, lunges, pushing and pulling movements plus cardio.  Participants compete for time and repetitions.  Each day is a different workout–that permits muscles to rest. 

Cross fit is mostly a mindset discipline and is suppose to make you fit for all activities.  It’s kinda like bodybuilding taken to an extreme.  Its popular for all shapes, sizes, and ages.  Of course, you have to build slowly…soon your body knows the workload it can handle without injury.  That being said…some people do get injured with cross fit.

I don’t believe that you can take somebody from the couch to a cross fit program that quickly– It has its risks.  Critics say that it mostly makes you good at exercise because it is not sport-specific.  The work out is still controversial in the world of fitness.  Not a lot of studies have been done yet. If you choose cross fit start by incorporating a few cross fit exercises into your present workout.  If you think this is for you, see a cross-fit trainer.