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Hi friends

I am over 40 and I still love sports of all kinds.  Without my workouts I would not be the same person.  “Research junkie” is my middle name…yes I have a lot of schooling, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t remember what you’ve learned.  I think the most important lesson I’ve ever learned is, how to learn.

Being an avid reader helps us take care of our body’s and minds.  I believe that blogging helps remind us of what is important in our lives…and we get to share it with others.  It helps to know what other people are doing and how it works.  I’ve spent most of my life working in health care, and it does help to have some medical knowledge. As women, we need to stick together and share knowledge. Guys, you are also welcome.

Unfortunately, some people think that sharing knowledge is arrogant, but they really are missing out on a lot. I don’t know about you, but I like to share new things that I learn and writing is a good way to do that. I read as many blogs as I have time for, and I usually leave comments.  Your comments are most welcome.