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Skin and nail conditions you shouldn’t Ignore

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The body gives outward signals that may indicate a health problem.  Your skin and nails may be warning signs of health issues.


The skin is the largest organ so pay close attention to changes.  Cancer shows itself by lesions.  Remember the ABCDE skin test:

A is for asymmetrical, B is for an irregular border, C is for changing color, D is for diameter greater than a pencil eraser, and E is for elevated. If you have any of these signs you should get it checked out by a doctor.

Sometimes thick dark patches can signal diabetes or other endocrine problems. Red areas and flushing is a condition called Rocacaccea. This mainly occurs in people over 60. Having dark spots may run in families, or may be due to sun damage.

Other skin conditions may include eczema, red itchy dry patches.  Some new research suggests that this condition may be related to anxiety and depression, or ADD/HD in both adults and children. See

Here’s one I have struggled with, lips with cracks in the corners.  I have been seeking treatment for this for many years. Recently I read that this is caused by a vitamin B or zinc deficiency.

Another problem for many women is skin tags.  These are raised bits of skin that hang on the surface.  They generally are harmless, but too many might be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes.  Remember that your skin is a mirror of your general health.


Don’t underestimate nail health, as this can provide clues to health changes.  White spots on nail beds can indicate a zinc deficiency.  You can supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals.  Silica is a great supplement.

Brittle nails and hair may be a sign of thyroid disorder.  Very soft nails can signal iron deficiency or a liver condition.

You may notice that you have ridges on your nails.  These are called Beau’s lines.  They may indicate high levels of stress or uncontrolled diabetes, according to The Good Life Magazine. This magazine is found in health stores.

Elderly people often have nails that have brown tips, but they also may be a sign of serious diseases, such as kidney or cardiovascular problems.  They occur in both men and women. Heavy smokers may also have discoloration in nails.

Clubbed nails occur in the sick and the very elderly.  The tips of the nails become thick and large and the nails curve around the tips.  They may indicate lung and cardiovascular diseases.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind that may lead to the early detection of health problems.





Author: Debbie L. Belair

Dear friends, I first discovered writing while at Univesity studying Psychology and working on a BA. While in University I discovered that I loved writing and learning about writing more than the subjects themselves. I moved on and received an honours degree in creative writing. While at University, two of my poems were published. I am working on developing my author website, please be patient. I plan on including some short fiction and some tips on writing fiction for those just starting their journey.

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