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3 reasons why you should meditate

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Ever wonder why people meditate, and why it’s not silly?  This post might surprise you.

There has been a lot of new research that shows benefits of meditation on both the mind and body.  It’s an ancient practice that works on transforming the mind.  It helps you relax and gain focus and concentration.  The body and mind are combined to reach a state of complete relaxation.  You need not be religious to meditate.

One of the most important reasons is that the Mayo clinic studies indicate that meditation is capable of slowing down certain disease processes and even helping to prevent them from starting.  People with nervous disorders benefit the most from meditation, especially epilepsy because it improves brain wave stability. Even heart disease can be reduced because meditation helps increase blood flow to arteries and vessels. The recommended minimum time is 30 mins per day.

A cancer patient with a tumor the size of a small apple was able to reduce the size of the tumor to that of a walnut…without medication in a time period of only 3 months.  It must be noted that this patient practiced about 3 hours a day consistently.  This doesn’t mean that you have to practice that long!  Most of us are too busy for that.

Another main reason why people meditate is to enter the body and mind into a deep state of relaxation.  The idea is that the mind and body work together to increase mental energy.  Meditation relieves excessive tension in the muscles and helps improve sleep.

Buddhists believe that you can work with your emotions and completely transform your mind.  Studies show that people with mental illnesses can gain even greater benefits with regular practice.  For more great information see  Another great source of information is called  I have been listening to audio dharma podcasts for a long time, it’s how I relax before bedtime.

So relaxing the body and sharpening the mind can go a long way to improve the quality of life and reduce stress and fend off chronic illnesses. Meditation takes patience and a little practice, but it’s worth it in the long run.


Author: Debbie L. Belair

Dear friends, I first discovered writing while at Univesity studying Psychology and working on a BA. I don't have a "salesperson of the year" award, but I know how people think and what people want. While in University I discovered that I loved writing and learning about writing more than the subjects themselves. I moved on and received an honors degree in creative writing. I write short fiction, and I recently completed over 6,000 hours doing online copywriting courses and business writing. Most focus has been on web writing and blogging. The first thing I learned, is how to write sales letters and newsletters- I even designed and wrote my own website. If you need guest posts please email me at

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