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What you should know about your drinking Water


Ever have those arguments with your friends or coworkers?  What is best… tap water or bottled water?  New studies say that water should be tested periodically.

Tap water is generally safe unless it is contaminated.  The pouring of toxic waste material in rivers and lakes is something that still needs more research. Plus some water pipes are old and a build-up of minerals in old pipes can cause bacteria growth.

High calcium levels in tap water are not harmful but instead add calcium to the diet. Heavey metals can be filtered out with carbon filters attached to faucets. Some of the new water systems like Nikken’s waterfall balances out these minerals.

Dehydration causes a lot of health issues, ranging from chronic digestive problems to Alzheimers’s disease.  Dr. Batmanghelidj says that the body’s cells lose water, and even brain function can deteriorate.  Increasing water intake can help prevent health problems from developing.  www.watercure.com gives more insight into the importance of drinking water.

Bottled water contains ozone, or “super oxygen, “that kills bacteria.  Water softeners are added to improve taste. An old fashioned way of getting rid of the taste of chlorine is to put water in a jug and leave it standing for a few hours.


Author: Debbie L. Belair

Dear friends, I first discovered writing while at Univesity studying Psychology and working on a BA. I don't have a "salesperson of the year" award, but I know how people think and what people want. While in University I discovered that I loved writing and learning about writing more than the subjects themselves. I moved on and received an honors degree in creative writing. I write short fiction, and I recently completed over 6,000 hours doing online copywriting courses and business writing. Most focus has been on web writing and blogging. The first thing I learned, is how to write sales letters and newsletters- I even designed and wrote my own website. If you need guest posts please email me at inspiration.copywrite@gmail.com.

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