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3 reasons why running can add years to your life

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It’s the season again, to start a fitness program.  Consider running after you have been walking first.

Running strengthens your heart muscle and tones the lower body.  This will make your everyday activities easier.  You can walk up those stairs without feeling out of breath. Your lung capacity will increase allowing more oxygen to circulate through the body.

New studies have confirmed that running may help bone health.  We lose minerals in the bones during the aging process.  Yes, you might have stronger bones. If you fall you will likely do less damage!

If you are concerned about weight management then running can help.  It will also help control your blood pressure…and your blood sugar.  Scientists say that high-impact activities, like running, lower insulin production.  Yes, if you are a diabetic you can still run safely.  Make sure you tell your doctor what you are doing.

I have spent most of my life running, but if I have a long layoff period I start by walking and running.  The Gallaway approach is safe, I use it and it works quickly to increase your fitness level. Watch the pounds melt away.

Fall is coming-happy trails!


Author: Debbie L. Belair

Dear friends, I first discovered writing while at Univesity studying Psychology and working on a BA. I don't have a "salesperson of the year" award, but I know how people think and what people want. While in University I discovered that I loved writing and learning about writing more than the subjects themselves. I moved on and received an honors degree in creative writing. I write short fiction, and I recently completed over 6,000 hours doing online copywriting courses and business writing. Most focus has been on web writing and blogging. The first thing I learned, is how to write sales letters and newsletters- I even designed and wrote my own website. If you need guest posts please email me at

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